It’s quite chilly today, but the sky is so blue, shading into high white clouds, the kind that don’t have edges so that the sky looks like a watercolor wash. The air is so clear I could almost think I had new glasses.

I got the first shipment of my book order from Norilana Books yesterday: I ordered ten copies of last year’s SWORD AND SORCERESS XXII, with my story “Child of Ice, Child of Flame”. I also ordered… I don’t remember… a bunch of copies of this year’s SWORD AND SORCERESS XXIII, with my story “Undivided”. I hope at least some of the new book come by the December 13 signing. I thought I might offer a “twofer” deal until supplies of the old book run out.

I totally LOVE these covers!


Writing prompt: What is your character looking for UPS or FedEx to deliver?