I’m blogging at the coffee house this morning. It’s been spitting snow all morning and they’re playing Christmas music, and town already had Light Up Corydon, so it’s CHRISTMAS! Yesterday was the First Sunday of Advent, too, so even GOD says it’s the Christmas season. ha!

Here are some pictures of our pretty town, all Christmassed up:

NOPE! I ran out of time and had to come home. I’m hoping I can get back in town tomorrow and post some pictures.

Had a great time this morning. I went to breakfast with my husband and some of his buds.

Sad news, though: Joy’Z Diner, where we like to have breakfast and lunch, is closing. Their rent got raised $500 a month!!! Not to $500 a month, mind you, but by $500 a month. If what they were paying a month wasn’t enough, I wonder how nothing a month is going to work out? 😦

Good news: I went to the coffee house and Butchie was in, playing classical and semi-classical guitar. Christina was there, working away on her Mac. And Charlie (husband) came in after his buds left to say hi and see where I hang out. 🙂

Now I’m home, which is always nice. Forrest was here–a neighbor dog. He’s HUGE but very sweet-natured. Trouble is, he terrifies the small grandchildren just because he’s the size of a pony, and he’s a pack magnet. When he isn’t here, our dog plays alone, or with our daughter’s dog. When Forrest is here, the Schmeltzhounds come up, and Tito from down the street, and Charlie said today a couple of beagles and a frolic of puppies were here, too! That’s gone beyond a pack–that’s like DogTown, USA.

Well, that’s enough of that.


Writing prompt: Make a character who’s scared of dogs. Come up with a weird reason.