I forgot.

I was playing “catch-up” with things I had neglected this month and wrasslin’ with html coding, trying to get my web site updated for December 1. The site won. I’ve got something wonky in there, somewhere, and I haven’t yet tracked it down. Since my coding is plain vanilla html, this is pretty sad.

Mom took me to Magdalena’s for my birthday prime rib dinner. My birthday was in September, but this was the first Saturday evening we had free. It also turned out to be Light Up Corydon, so seventy bazillion other people were there, as well. Fortunately, Mom had made reservations, so we got a table. We missed the fireworks, though because we were stuffing our faces. They set off fireworks from the roof of the library. I am happy to report that, as of the time we left town, the library was not on fire.


Writing Prompt: Invent a jolly event for the town or city where or nearest to where one of your characters lives. Send one or more character there. What happens?