Mom and I had a full day. We left about 10 this morning and ran some errands in town–Butt Drug Store ( am not kidding), checking to see if Southern Indiana Writers needed to bring table and chairs to our signing on November 28 from 9-noon (need table, not chairs), library, bank, UPS Store to run off copies of Community Unity newsletter.

Then we went to PC Building Materials to order Mom’s carpeting–Now that her elderly Border Collie is no more, she’s replacing the carpet and buying a new couch and chair. I love PC. I LOVE PC! I would like to pack a suitcase and take a vacation in there. They have so many beautiful things. I could just stand and stare at their flooring or wander through their kitchen displays as through a garden. *sigh*

We had lunch at a New Albany landmark restaurant which I shall not name, because it isn’t very good anymore. 😦 Sad. Sad.

Then we went to Kroger, Ben Franklin’s, Big Lots and Dollar Tree. I was looking for monofilament thread to sew pretties on my purse with, and found it at Ben Franklin’s. I was also looking for Plexiglas display stands for posters for book signings, and found them at last at Office Depot. Hurrah!

Before we got back on the expressway, we turned off at Furniture Liquidators in New Albany (ask for Julie) and ordered Mom’s new couch and chair.

THEN we came back to town and finally went to the grocery!

I didn’t get home until five. Hungry. Wanted supper.


I popped a frozen chicken breast in the grilling machine, putting nothing on it but a few cranks of freshly ground black pepper. Made some cornbread stuffing-in-a-box, using half the recommended amount of butter and a splash of garlic-flavored olive oil. I had bought some steam-it frozen Brussels sprouts and nuked them. Supper in 15 minutes, and it was GOOD!


Writing prompt: Your character has to order new carpet and some furniture. What does he/she choose and how and why and what sort of experience is it for the character and for the salespeople?