I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but I love turnips! My mom got me some from the Farmer’s Market at her church, with the promise that they were very mild and tender–not bitter and “woody”, as so many store-bought turnips are. This was true. I didn’t even have to peel the one I’ve eaten, just had to scrape it. Here is my favorite turnip recipe, courtesy of Ginny Fleming, of the Southern Indiana Writers Group:

Turnip Fry-up

  • one turnip
  • one potato of about the same size
  • some onion
  • some bacon
  • fresh kale (not in original recipe, but I add it)
  • oil (I use olive oil flavored with garlic)

Cube the vegetables and cut up the bacon. Heat the oil and put everything into it on medium-low. Cook for about half an hour or so, stirring occasionally, covering part of the time to steam the veggies. Drain on paper towels and serve. Especially good with fresh bread (what isn’t?).


Writing prompt: What does your main character (or villain, or just any character) like to eat that is unexpected?