Not much today–busy and tired. I wrote 1500 words on the NaNo book–not blocked anymore–YAY!!

Went to Carmel, to a signing party at The Mystery Company, a GREAT store! Makes me wish I lived in Carmel.

Anyway, 2+ hours there and the same (duh!) back, and about three hours at the store, and, as a kid who used to be in Jr. H band with me used to say, “Ah’m tahrd. Ah’m rill tahrd.”

Pictures of the signing as soon as I have the time and energy.


Writing Prompt: Does your main character like to go on road trips? Get car sick? Like to drive at night? Have night vision problems? Afraid of hitting a critter? If he/she sees a big fat raccoon waddling in the road, does he/she try to hit it, try to avoid hitting it, or (me, me!) stop and talk to it through the windshield in a funny voice?