The Scmeltzhounds have always run loose on our land, but they usually stay close to the boundary with their

The Hero Dog

The Hero Dog

people’s property. This year, for some reason, they’ve been roaming hither and yon. –The Schmeltzhounds, by the way, are the dogs belonging to our very good neighbors the Schmeltzes. Anyway, today I heard a rackety lot of barking in the front yard and went to see what the trouble was. The Schmeltzhounds were thinking they were going to mess with Al, the elderly black cat (he’s 16). Joe wasn’t having any of it, and sent the Scmeltzhounds packing. Joe and Al are bestest friends. They curl up together in the sun and drink out of the same water bowl.

BTW, my husband moved the ladder, so my Christmas decorating scheme is foiled. Curses!


Writing Prompt: How does your character deal with a neighbor’s animal(s) trespassing?