Free! I’m free! Okay, so I was part of the Trick or Treat contest at Fatal Foodies where people who posted to this blog during the last week of October through the first week of November got entered to win a free download of their choice of an anthology by the Southern Indiana Writers. Well, the winner–kinda sorta–was Charlene Burke. I say kinda sorta because her choice was GROUNDS FOR SUSPICION and what she got was a paper copy of ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING.

Here’s what happened. I emailed her to tell her she had won. She emailed back to tell me which one she wanted. I saw that she only lives and works about 15 minutes from Corydon. I offered to meet her and give her a paper copy instead. She agreed. I found I didn’t have a paper copy. Not a problem–I could pick one up at the SIW meeting on Thursday and give it to her on Monday. My back went out. I didn’t go to the SIW meeting on Thursday. Okay, so I would give her a paper copy I did have and apologize. Better yet, I would give her a paper copy of what I did have AND give her a download of the book she chose. I logged onto Lulu, where the anthologies are available for download. The file is a bazillion kilobites big… and we have dial-up at my house. Okay. So I would go into town to meet her and download the PDF file on the Cafe on the Square high-speed connection. Oh, but wait…my laptop doesn’t have a CD burner.

Fortunately, Charlene is a VERY nice person and graciously accepted the book she didn’t choose. Butchie was playing guitar in the coffee house window, so that would have mellowed things out, even if Charlene weren’t a naturally kind and generous person. Nathan came in while we were talking and they discussed the — they didn’t actually use the word “idiocy” — of someone who writes a food column being unable to read a recipe for making cherry wine while I tried to pretend they were talking about somebody else.

I asked Darryl to take our picture. He refused so I said, “Okay, right, you’re going on the blog,” and snapped this of him.refusal

He didn’t quite block his face, but you can see he’s had a lot of practice with Paparazzi. It’s tough living the glamour life.

Anyway, he reconsidered, and here is the picture he kindly took of Charlene and MA at Cafe on the Square, Charlene holding her winnings, such as it is.


So then we went to lunch at Joy’z Diner and saw Linda of Ozzie’s, the greatest gift shop anywhere ever–even better than Sister Dragonfly, if that’s possible. Pastor Jeff came in and I got to wish him well on his coming move.

So Charlene and I had a wonderful visit. I feel as if I’ve made a new friend. She’d better run fast and far or I might just rope her into Friends of the Library and Woman’s Literary Club and Community Unity. Ha!

And now I’m in the library, supposedly working on my word count for NaNoWriMo but actually taking advantage of the fast connection to PLAY on the internet. –splash, splash–

Okay, back to work.


writing prompt: How would various of your characters react to a “bait and switch”?