Mom and Ardis and I went to the high school’s French Club “Night at the Art Museum” at the Leora Brown School. With a name like that, you kind of expected the Marx Brothers, but it was a very classy affair. There were displays of famous art works and art by students. There was a computer program showing famous statues and there were students in drapery posing as those statues. Young people played guitar and piano, and there was TONS of good food, some of it prepared by the students and most of it served by them, although Trish and her husband, Robert, helped.

Robert is Robert O’neal Schultz, a firebrand poet and a man you want to have at your back when the chips are down.

We were afraid the kids would need warm bodies to fill the space, but were pleasantly surprised to find the place packed. There was hardly room for the “French waiters” to skriggle through–including the young woman sporting a black felt mustache. …Come to think of it, maybe the Marx Brothers were there, after all.


p.s. I’m past 25,000 words on my Nanowrimo novel!! Halfway there!

Writing prompt: Write a poem about something that makes you REALLY REALLY angry! Grrrrrrrrrr!