I’m sitting in my office, looking out of the window, and it is NOT a nice view. All the pretty leaves are brown and most of them are on the ground. It’s been wet, so they aren’t even crunchy. Bleh.

I find I’m missing Mom’s dog, Sox, more now than when he first had to be put down. Since I can see her house and front yard now, what I miss is Sox when he was younger and before my hellhound came. Joe is a good dog, but he and Sox hated each other. Whenever Sox would come out, Joe would run up and bark at him. Now he runs up and barks at my mother.

Before Joe came, Sox would wander around Mom’s yard and my yard and play with our previous dogs. It was very friendly, except for the time Sox and Rufus decided to play Capture the Flag with my laundry, the blue jeans which were hanging on the line. I was all up and down the drive, collecting jeans of all sizes. Funny, but it was the first and only time either dog ever took anything off the line.

Here’s another Sox story that Mom told me. Her cat, Roger, had caught some kind of critter and was carrying it up to the house. Mom saw Sox go over and stick his nose in Roger’s side. He poked him until Roger let the critter go. The critter took off back towards the woods, and Roger caught it again. Sox poked him again until Roger dropped it. Then Sox picked the critter up and carried it back to the woods, where he let it go. True story.


Writing prompt: Have a character tell a story about a pet he/she or a relative used to have.