I’ve been working on my NaNoWriMo novel, just writing as fast as I can, trying not to get stuck, trying not to worry about inconsistencies (I’ll clean that up later). I’ve been trying to do what a couple of my friends do, and stick a place-holder note where I need to look something up or figure something out [he does something with a rope that holds the thing to the other thing]. I’ve been just slapping out dialog and letting my characters say whatever comes out of my fingers instead of orchestrating every word.

The characters are coming off the page. It’s happening faster and painlessly, instead of only after long thought and hard work. It isn’t fair. Writing shouldn’t be this much fun. I mean, I was raised Lutheran, all right? If it’s this much fun, I shouldn’t be spending this much time on it, you know?

It is being fun, though. I’m so glad I signed on for National Novel Writing Month. Even if this book turns out to be total junk and unsalvageable, it’s been a great ride.


Writing prompt: Her name is Althea Gordon. She’s at the hairdresser, talking to Betty, who is doing her hair, about a Halloween Parade. Do 500 words of it. Quickly.