I went over and had lunch with Jane at Shiraz Mediterranean Grill on Frankfort Avenue. It is SO GOOD! I had the falafel. I usually can’t resist their shish kebab, but I had just had that the last time I was in, and their falafel is the best–big and fluffy and spicy…. Mmmmmm! I had one left over and I brought it home. I’m going to cook some Basmati rice and lentils to have with it.

Here is Jane in front of Shiraz, and a close-up of the Shiraz sign.



Then we went to Sister Dragonfly again, my major vice these days. I have GOT to stop GOING there! I bought a silver ring set with a blue/violet iolite, a silver necklace set with a red stone that I think Jane said was some kind of opal?? and a brown wood necklace. Must… stop… going…!

Here is a picture of their wonderful “signage”, of the dragonfly someone drew in wet cement outside their door, and two people coming to do their Christmas shopping. I told the lady I was going to put her picture on my blog so, if she’s looking, HI, LADY!




I got an email from Tony Burton today, editor of the DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND anthology, saying that he had put a trailer up here and there for the book. Then he said he was sorry, that he had misspelled my name. Well, that’s no biggie. For the record, my name is Marian, not Marion, but, even though he stated a firm intent to change it, I told him not to bother. What’s one little vowel between friends?

Oh, and I did my 2000 words for NaNoWriMo today. Yay!


Writing prompt: What is your main character’s favorite “Girls’ Day (or Boys’ Day) out?