Charlie has friends in for the weekend. Jim and Edgar drove down from Chicago on Thursday. Today, Bob drove up from Tennessee. This afternoon, John came over from Louisville. My mom came from next door and my friend Ardis came. We ordered pizza and did a play reading: I HATE HAMLET by Paul Rudnick. It’s a hoot, and we had a blast with it. I read Felicia, the real estate broker who…. Well, get a copy and read it. You’ll be glad you did. It has the ghost of John Barrymore in it, so how could it go wrong?

I’ve been trying to get some words done on my novel for NaNoWriMo, and actually managed to squeeze out nearly 2000, including the 500 or so I did yesterday. Busy day tomorrow, so I probably won’t get anything done on the book. Mom and I are working at the Friends of Harrison County Library book sale, and then I have a book signing for DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND at the library from 1-4.

I’m highly encouraged that I managed to get anything done today, let alone so much. It isn’t just the words, but I knocked out a scene with two entirely new characters and then went back to a scene I had left hanging and picked it up where I left off. I remembered some bits I had cut out of the shortened story, dug them out of one of the saved versions, and restored them to the novel. I’m beginning to have hope that I’ll actually be able to fall into this book and write it from the inside out. That’s when it’s fun–when you sit down at the keyboard and go to another place and live it at the same time you orchestrate it.

It was a wonderful day.


Writing prompt: Look at a real estate book or a picture of a recently sold or for-sale house in the newspaper, or a picture of a house from a magazine. Who lives there? What are their names? What do they do for a living? For fun? Pick one person who lives there. What is his/her father’s grandmother like?