I see I haven’t updated my Hot Flashes on the blog since August. I update them on the web site (which I hope to coordinate with this blog Real Soon Now), and I just forgot to do them on here. But now I’ve done it–tada!!

I’ve also done my second day’s NaNoWriMo work–went over my quota!

Yesterday, Sara (youngest daughter) came and we talked about writing and football and everything else. We (and, of COURSE Mom–it wouldn’t be any fun without my Mom–she’s a hoot, that’s what she is) went to one of the churches for chicken pot pie. Mmmm, I loooooove chicken pot pie. Naturally, it being just before election, there were folks there who are running for office. I’m always glad of it, because I know a lot of them (have I mentioned that this is a small town?) and like most of them.

This pretty tree was part of the church landscaping. Isn’t it beautiful? I told Mom it was an Ornamental Cherry, but I just made that up because it looks like that ought to be its name. She was saying it was mis-formed, but I claim it’s supposed to look like this. I think it’s very beautiful and graceful and certainly colorful.

We also went to the grocery. My 16-year-old grandson is having his family birthday party today, and the “special treat” he asked for was toaster pastries and Fruit Roll-ups. Ick. But, being a good little grandmother, I got them for him.

Time to go to the party. but here is a close-up of the pretty tree, ornamental cherry or whatever.


writing prompt: What would your character choose for a special treat and why?