First, I went to Louisville yesterday to have lunch with Jane. We at at Shiraz Mediterranean Grill, a wonderful place on Frankfort Avenue, where we got shish kebabs that melt in your mouth and crispy rice stuff off the bottom of the pan and baklava to die for. The rice stuff used to be really good–they would bring it out to you fresh and hot, but now they collect it and bring it out cold. Next time, I’m going to ask if they can heat mine up. It’s delicious and full of oil–can’t be good for you. I like that in a food.

Then we went to Sister Dragonfly, the greatest stuff store I’ve been in for a long time. No web site, so you’ll have to take my word for it. The first place we head for in there is the half-price basket. The basket isn’t for sale, but the jewelry inside is. Last time, I got a gorgeous ceramic and glass bracelet. This time, I got some nifty wood bead earrings. Not in the sale basket, I found the perfect watch. Jane goes pricier than I do, and she got a ring of some semi-precious stone. I can’t remember what it is, but it was blue and translucent with all kinds of glow and fire in it. Not an opal. Anyway, it was most satisfactory.

I almost ran into a guy, when I was pulling into the parking lot I use when we go to Shiraz. Not a guy, actually, but the guy’s car with the guy in it. He wanted to chew me out for it, but I was in the wrong, turning too sharp and looking for traffic the other way, so I couldn’t argue with him. I think he was vaguely dissatisfied, but I’m not a nice enough person to disagree when I have to admit I’m wrong.

The pictures here were taken in the parking lot. I love these trees, and I love stuff growing on and over fences. I don’t know what this ivy stuff is–probably poison something–but I didn’t touch it, I just appreciated the color.

After we spent most of our money, we went to Java Brewing and got great cups of coffee.

Now–getting ready. I’ve finished my Chronicles for next week and I’ve started the ones for the week after. My goal is to do all of them for November and the first week of December so I can concentrate on writing for National Novel Writing Month. It would be good if I could also collect characters and do a rough outline, but that may not happen.

Wish me luck!


writing prompt: Your main character makes a driving mistake and is clearly in the wrong. Is the other person same gender, other gender–main character’s gender preference or not? Is the other person mad, scared, weepy, pompous, funny? How does your main character react?