Got home about 5:30, too pooped to pop. It’s a four-hour drive between Muncie and here–not too bad, but tiring when you don’t like to drive much (I don’t like to drive much). At least it didn’t rain on the drive back. Beautiful weather and good company (T and Mom).

I’ll post a blow-by-blow con report later in the week, but I have to say we enjoyed the event. Not as many people came as usual, and having the event in one place and the attendees spread out at various hotels far beyond walking distance was a drag. The van service was abysmal, and many of us used many minutes calling to ask where the freaking van was that was supposed to run every 15 minutes.

No Magna in 2009. A rumor was going around that the Roberts Hotel, across the street from the convention center, might open by 2010, which would be GREAT!

Now I must leave you and go visit with Mom. Yes, I know we just spent the weekend together, but it’s time for our tea and book-reading. Oh, and we have a taped episode of LIFE ON MARS to watch, too!

Good to be home. *sigh*


Writing prompt: Three characters have just spent the whole weekend together in an enterprise that was both rewarding and frustrating. They have a long drive home.