I am all about cooking in one vessel, because a dish unused is a dish unwashed. So I made this one evening. I defrosted a couple of Tilapia fillets, sprinkled them with herbs and spices and put them aside. Then I cut up some Portabella mushrooms and toasted them in a dry skillet. Then added some garlic-flavored olive oil and browned the fish on both sides. I had some left-over Kashi (mixed grains), so I put that in, some onion and some fresh kale, covered it and turned the heat down and steamed it until the kale was tender. Divided it all into two plates for Charlie and myself. It was very good, and it looked nice, too.

I’m sitting here in my office, looking out the window. My husband sometimes uses my office but says he won’t be using it much after the election (he’s active in political blogging). Still, he suggested I set the office up so “I” can look out of the window in the direction of the driveway. He says it’s such a beautiful view. I’m like, “The driveway is a beautiful view? The WOODS, in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION is a beautiful view.” From this direction, though, “I” can see who’s coming, who’s stopping at Mom’s, who’s going past to daughter Annie’s. And, since we live IN the woods, there are certainly trees to be seen in this direction, as well. I’m not quite sure what’s up with the view thing, but it’s okay. I’m enough of a control freak to like being able to keep an eye on the traffic back here. Anybody remember Gladys Kravitz?


Writing prompt: You’re looking out the window and see something suspicious.