Wow. It was great–fabulous–the best ever! The quilts and watercolors and layered wooden ware were gorgeous. There were shallow bowls shaped like various kinds of leaves which I don’t seem to have gotten any pictures of. But what really blew me away, as always, were the wire and glass creations by Leah Porter and her sister Susannah Hebert.

As soon as we walked into the Leora Brown School, we were stunned by this fantasy stream and the “waterfall” that fed it. Along the banks were glass and copper bushes, flowers and one full-sized tree. My mother is the slender lady in the vest, trying to decide what to buy. I didn’t even have any of the refreshments this year, I was so busy looking at stuff and talking to my friends.

Todd and Vickie came back to town for the show. Marvin and Dorothy were there, the Rodriguezes, Joy and Joanna from Southern Indiana Writers, Betty and Helen and Carly from Woman’s Literary Club, Judy O’Bannon, who is related by marriage to Leah and to my late dear friend, Mildred…. So many people, I can’t even remember them all. That’s one of the reasons I love going to this event.

Here are some more pictures of the stream and waterfall:

And some of the individual pieces:


Tomorrow, I’ll post a picture of what I bought. I’m still bedazzled by the show–enchanted–enthralled–and still beside myself at being able to buy a piece at last.


Writing prompt: If this post isn’t inspiring, I haven’t the words to make it so.