Great day today. Charlie and Mom and two of our girls and I met at my church for the soup and salad luncheon. So much variety, even the vegetarian found plenty to eat. Taco salad, hot chicken salad for me, Jello salads (of course–I told you it was at a church!), veggie soup for me, cream of broccoli for Mom–and wonderful desserts! I had Derby Pie, of course. Super sweet AND chocolate–perfection!

As always, we saw scads of people we know. Debbie and Buck and Tad and Fred, not to mention the folks from church who were working or eating. I wish I could have helped out, but I told Annie that if I took on one more task my head would explode.

AND tonight is Unbridled Whimsy. A bunch of local artists, led by Leah Porter, give the community a show of their art and imagination once a year. They decorate the Leora Brown school and display their art, but it doesn’t look like a gallery, it looks like a wonderland. It’s an evening of sheer magic. The free wine helps. I’m going to ask Leah if I can take pictures to post, but she may not want her creations posted. It’s open on Saturday afternoon, too, but Mom and I always go on Friday night, because she has lawn sculptures lit up in the yard, and I have to see those in the evening. She said she’ll let me sell DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND, the Toys for Tots anthology I have a story in. I’m thrilled to actually be a part of the show this year!

Almost time to go! Yay!


writing prompt: One of your characters goes to a local art show. Is it a good one or a bad one? How does your character act? What kind of report does he/she give it?