Okay, there are plenty of political blogs, and this isn’t one of them, but I can’t less this pass. Maybe I read the wrong stuff, but I haven’t seen ANYONE taking exception to McCain’s exchange with the woman at his rally or with Obama’s failure to object.

The woman “accused” Obama of being “an Arab” and McCain said, “No, ma’am, he’s a decent family man”? So the opposite of “Arab” is “decent family man”? So none of the males of Arabian origin or extraction are decent family men, and if you’re a decent family man it proves you aren’t “an Arab”?

Excuse me, but that frosts my rhubarb. I appreciate that Senator McCain’s intent was to clear up a point of misinformation, but it would have been a great opportunity to point out that using the “accusation” that someone is “an Arab” is not–and should not be considered–a SMEAR.

So Senator Obama (okay, yes, I support him, but if he’s wrong, he’s wrong) doesn’t dare defend the males of Arabian origin or extraction for fear of “proving” he’s Arab=terrorist. So cowards are more electable than people who step up and do the right thing? Could be. But we, the people, can certainly speak up, and I don’t see us doing it. Nobody reads this blog–and rightly so, as it is a damn boring blog–but I have to say it, even if nobody ever sees it:

Arab does NOT equal terrorist, and a man can be both “an Arab” AND “a decent family man”. To say, imply or allow to stand any statement or exchange that equates “Arab” with “terrorist” or “not-Arab” with “decent family man” is wrong.

End of rant.


writing prompt: Speak up about something you feel strongly about.