In the process of cleaning up my office, I came across this email from Marty Adkins from way back in 1997 in answer to my question of what were some of her favorite goodies when she shopped at an Asian grocery:

I Love:

  • The peanut-based Malaysian curry powders/pastes
  • The red or green mung beans that look like tiny bright-colored blackeyed peas
  • The tasty little pickled siling labuyo peppers
  • The big sardines in tomato sauce
  • The canned fried dace with salted black beans (try ’em chopped in a tossed salad!)
  • The gram flour
  • The Japanese rice vinegar (great in salad dressings–light and fresh-tasting
  • The Indian tea in the mauve box with blue print–superb tea at a rock-bottom price
  • The ability to get 20 lb. of good shortgrain (Calrose) rice for $10

And I do like the squid, but hey, to each her own.

If that isn’t a poem, I’ll eat a squid.


writing prompt: List the things you love about your favorite store. In your list, include things like appearance, smell, experiences and people.