Fall is totally my favorite season. I love the cool nights, the chilly mornings, the sunny days. I love the rainy days, when the leaves come down with the rain. I love the colors and the light and the intense blue of the sky. I love to smell burning leaves and woodsmoke. I love pumpkin pie. I love the feeling of everything tucking in for the winter. Here is one little piece of my fall decorating. I probably go more all-out on fall decorations than I do on Christmas–although it’s close, very close.

This pretty thing was made by a friend of mine, Ralph Best. He’s a retired shop teacher. He makes BEAUTIFUL things and donates them to silent auctions for charity. This one, I won at a Masonic Lodge auction. I’m not Eastern Star or anything, but the Masons have a great chicken barbecue and silent auction every year. Mom and I hit as many charity dinners as we can drag ourselves around to, because the food is always good and at least one of us usually wins at least one silent auction.

Anyway, here is this pretty thing, adorned with all kinds of fall flowers and silk autumn leaves. It makes me happy, just to look at it. The blue thing on the top shelf was made by our friend Martha Wagner. The pale thing with the swirl on the side on the other top and the green thing on the top wide shelf were made by our niece and friend Shelley Clements. The tan thing on the little middle shelf is filled with a potpourri of stuff I gathered from our woods and smells JUST like outside on a good-smelly day. You know how some days are just packed with scent? Well, this potpourri is packed with the scents of the woods. What a happy thing.


writing prompt: What makes your characters happy to look at or to smell?