I did my Chronicles yesterday. Haven’t uploaded them yet, but I got them written. Whew!

Mom and I are working at the Book Box today, the Friends of Harrison County Library’s book sale building. I bought a few books–of course–even though I’m supposed to be getting RID of books. I got a world almanac that is about fifteen years more recent that the one I have now, a reference book for my Chronicles and a WWII escape book. I love books about people surviving against great odds, probably because I doubt I could. You know the old pioneer slogan, “The cowards never started, and the weak died on the way”? Well, I wouldn’t have started. If somebody came up and suggested I climb into a covered wagon and travel across the country with no potty breaks, I would have given them A Look and said, “As if!”

So Mom said I should come over to the library and get started on my NEXT week’s Chronicles. And here I am, posting instead. That’s one of the benefits of getting older. If I get caught, I can claim I forgot what I came over here to do.


writing prompt: You’re offered the chance to do something dangerous, exciting, important and experimental. Do you do it or not? What are the consequences?