Culinary Chronicles for Worldwide Recipes week of 2008-10-13 through 17: Not even begun. Yipes.

Healthier lifestyle: Exercising and eating better. No weight loss, but feeling stronger and more energetic. My goal is to lose slowly but surely and KEEP IT OFF THIS TIME. I plan to do that by keeping up my exercising.

Straightening office: Cleared off four shelves yesterday. Things look like a library blew up, and will for a while. I took a box of books to the Southern Indiana Writers meeting last night and gave them away.

My Mom just came in to see how things are going, so I’m going to go have some coffee and a visit with her.


writing prompt: You’re interrupted in the midst of a project. What would it take to make the interruption, and how would you respond? (In the persona of a character, as well, of course.)