Charlie finished finishing my office. Now I have to organize it. That means taking everything off the shelves, sorting it, tossing as much as possible, and putting things back in a new and more efficient arrangement. I had planned on taking the next two days to do nothing else, but OF COURSE several things have come up that require immediate attention. Never mind what–too boring even for this, the most boring blog in the universe. Here is a picture of one side of the office, with Katya using The Old Gray Brick for the only thing it’s good for, now that its board is blown. It makes a very nice base for a performance piece called “Cat Napping”.

This is the other side. I’ve already begun clearing shelves. It’s astounding, the amount of stuff I thought I needed that I don’t need, or forgot I had. I’ve turned up some treasures, but mostly junk. I’ll have bags and bags of books to take to the Friends of Harrison County Library’s Book Box, the used book sale building. Mom and I will be working there this Saturday, so I won’t even have to make an extra trip.

Wonder when I’ll get to writing my Chronicles for next week? Friday? Saturday? SUNDAY?


writing prompt: What’s lost on a jumbled shelf or in a crammed drawer in your character’s office or home?