What with cleaning up after the storm and what-not, we haven’t been paying any attention to what’s left of the garden at this time of year. Charlie can’t stand it when the vines get straggly or the bushes get all bug-eaten, so he tends to rip up and plow under anything that’s past its prime. I feel lucky I’m still around. Anyway, we haven’t been out to check on the cucumbers, which is just about all that’s left. When he went out the other day, he found this. It frightened us, and we gave it away. This is me, holding Cukenstein. I don’t look as fat in this picture as I usually do. I wonder if I can use this for my driver’s license.

Speaking of weight, I’m on a health regimen. I went on one before, lost weight and felt great. Then I got lazy (GOT lazy?) and stopped exercising. Guess what? Gained weight. So I’m back on track. I’m starting out slow, which is how I did it before. Sometimes people start out trying to do too much right at first and hurt themselves or burn out. Me, I do pitiful little bits of exercise and increase it as I get stronger. I’m looking forward to feeling good again. Feeling good isn’t a deprivation, it’s a gift, yes?

Part of it is eating well. I mean GOOD stuff! Anything that tastes good, just maybe a little bit less, a little bit less oil or butter but not NO oil or butter.

Got to go–I’m in the middle of doing the Educational Newsletter for Community Unity.


Writing exercise: You’ve been neglecting something and, when you go back to it, it’s monstrous.