I got home last night and my husband told me that our refrigerator died. We lost almost everything in the power outage from Hurricane Ike. Now we lost all the replacement stuff. Now, my mother lives next door one direction and our oldest daughter lives next door in another direction, but he was just so outdone he didn’t think about taking the stuff to them. We did salvage a little, but I threw out a lot of stuff that was only iffy because, when it comes to food poisoning, “iffy” isn’t good enough, am I right?

So today we went out and got a new refrigerator. This one is smaller but taller. He says, “If it’s taller, you don’t have to worry about how dusty the top is.” I’m like, “We’ve been married for 27 years and you think there’s any chance I’m worried about how dusty the top of the refrigerator is?”

But that was my day. Maybe I’ll get to do the con report tomorrow.


writing exercise: Send two of your characters out looking for a major appliance. This is not necessarily something that would make it into a story or book, just way to get to know them– a way to explore their personalities, interactions and voices.