We did a “reading” of our books last night, but we were next door to a wine and cheese party–a raucous one–so guess how many people came to our reading? Five, during the course of the hour, and four of them were looking for the party and only stayed long enough to find out they were in the wrong room. The other one was Dave, who dropped in after half our time was over in order to show support.

Prior to that, we went to an interview with The Dead Body Guy, who was so funny and entertaining. He signed pictures of himself and his wife bought two of our books. Trucker Dave, who is making a name for himself playing a zombie, signed his business card for my 16-yr-old grandson, who is so into zombies just now. Yeah, a science fiction convention is a weird and wonderful place.

We have some panels to do today, and one tomorrow. Now, we’re getting ready to go foraging for coffee.


writing exercise: Don’t get stuck on giving your characters traditional occupations. What kind of story could come out of a character who has chosen to create or fill a niche people don’t usually think about? What kind of stories could a guy who works in a recycling center get involved in? The lady who oversees the breakfast bar in a motel?