We’re checked in here. We stopped by a couple of used book stores on the way. I got another copy of TITUS GROAN by Mervyn Peak. I had the whole trilogy, but I loaned TITUS to somebody else and nobody will admit it. Can’t find it, so I rebought it. Got a John Sayles collection including his hysterically funny “At the Anarchist’s Convention”, which Jerry Stiller read so beautifully on NPR. Got Jasper Fford’s SOMETHING ROTTEN, the latest in his Thursday Next series. Fantastic writer. A true maniac. I like that in a writer.

Here are my fellow writers, T. Lee Harris, Glenda Mills and Dave Creek. We brought our own food and we’re having a feast.

So now we’re ready to go wander around, meet people, and see what’s what. T has a panel at 9–Writing the Modern Vampire–and we three Southern Indiana Writers have a reading at 10. We’ll be reading from our books that are printed through Lulu.com.

See you!


writing exercise: You go to a convention and just happen to run into somebody you’ve been longing to meet. Does it work out, or is it a disaster?