Charlie is finishing my office. We’ve lived here for 26 years, and my floor is plywood and my walls were, until a couple of days ago, untaped drywall. Not that I minded. Having the room unfinished meant I

Computer Corner

Computer Corner

didn’t have to worry about scuffing up the floor, and I could stick push-pins into the wall to hold up quotes, pictures by the kids, photos of friends, maps of places I was writing about, my rubber chicken, and so on. Finally, Charlie talked me into letting him finish the room. I took a couple of pictures of it in transition–I forgot to take pictures before he started. Just take my word for it–it was worse!

This empty corner is where the computer was parked. It’s the only place the monitor, which has a body the size of a Mack truck. I told Charlie I plan to buy a flat-panel monitor so I can park the

Big Mess

Big Mess

computer anywhere. Once I decide where, I’ll have him cut a hole in the “desk”, which is a bunch of slabs-o-wood over braces and file cabinets, and park the tower case on the floor. Room! Room!

This is most of the stuff that was on the desk, all shoved to one end of the room. I haven’t even snapped pictures of the bookcases–it would be too much dreadfulness for one day. I need to clean them out, and they’re floor-to-ceiling. Not just books, but pictures, toys the grandkids have given me. Coloring books–when I’m sick, I like to color pretty lady pictures, okay?–and office supplies.

I’ll take more pictures next week. He says he plans to finish over the weekend, while I’m gone. Oh, btw, I’m going to Context sf convention in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. Charlie is not an speculative fiction fan, so he’s happy to stay home. I can’t wait to see it when I get back!

Check out yesterday’s Fatal Foodies column, with a short story based on a true conversation in the library the other day. Goodness gracious.


writing exercise: You find something when you’re cleaning out–something you forgot you had. What is it? How does it make you feel? How does finding it make a turning point in your story?