My husband is outside, cutting up fallen tree limbs. We’ll have plenty of firewood this winter. Those winds took down a lot of deadwood, and a lot of wood that wasn’t dead until it went down. It’s weird, seeing what looks like bushes where no bushes were before, and knowing it’s really green leaves on fallen branches. I go to my mother’s every evening and she watches out the door until she sees my porch light go off, so she’ll know I got home without being mugged by a possum (we look out for each other), and she can’t see my light now because a broken tree trunk is in the way.

I’m trying to catch up with the writing I couldn’t do because there was no power here or in town and my laptop battery didn’t last long enough to do much. Yes, I remember how to write in longhand, but that doesn’t help much if a lot of your reference material, your medium and your market are all computer/online.

I still haven’t finished my Culinary Chronicles for World Wide Recipes for this coming week. It’s what I should be doing right now, instead of playing catchup with my blog. But I NEED my blog–I NEED it! I’ve come to depend on this as a jump-start for my writing day. It primes the pump–gets the words flowing.

And now to work!


writing exercise: write three paragraphs about recovering from a natural upheaval, large or small, without using the phrases “in the aftermath” or “in the wake”.