This is one of those days when I’m running sideways to keep from flying. Mom and I had a Community Unity meeting this morning. I evaded being nominated Co-Moderator again, which carries an understood follow-up year as Moderator. Been there, done that, would do it again, but I managed to duck it THIS time! All the active members are very active and very willing and, as Scott said this morning, self-starters, so Moderating is not an onerous job. I just don’t need to deliberately take on a teeny bit more responsibility just now.

See, I’ve already agreed to help set up a web site for my church, Corydon Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and have a meeting about it this afternoon.

Then, since it’s Thursday, I have a meeting with Southern Indiana Writers. I’m ready to put on my pj’s and turn in already.


Writing Exercise: You’re overextended. A new opportunity comes up. Either you turn it down, or something you’re already committed to or enjoy has to give. Put several characters in this situation and see what choices each would make.