I still don’t feel well–better, but not well–in that place where I crave comfort food and I almost feel good enough to get up off my lazy behind and make some.

One of the things I used to make all the time is carrot cookies with orange icing. Sounds ghastly, doesn’t it? They’re great, though. I’ve conceived a tremendous longing for them today and… it’s been so long since I made them, I don’t remember where I got the recipe.

One little minute on the dear old Internet, and I found what looks like exactly the right thing on About.com’s Southern Food: Carrot Cookies with Orange Icing. Thanks, Diana Rattray, for making a sickie’s day a little brighter.

My throat is scratchy, but old-fashioned gargling with salt water has helped, as has drinking fresh lemon juice squeezed onto hot water and sweetened with honey. When I’m ready to go to bed, I just might top that lemon juice thing off with a slug of whiskey. Medicinal. Help me sleep. Yeah.

My husband bought a DVD called something like A Train Journey Through Scandinavia, because he wanted to see the landscape. I don’t know why he thought it would feature landscape, since it was clearly labeled A TRAIN JOURNEY. Most of the shots were of trains–long shots, close-ups, front, rear, passing, pulling into stations, leaving stations, headlights, wheels, tracks…. It was a train thing, for train fans. Poor, disappointed boy. Next time he’s pining for the fjords, he should look for something called FJORDS, not TRAINS.


writing exercise: You check a DVD or video tape out of the library or buy it at a yard sale or a “pre-owned” rack and the recording in the case is not the recording you expected.