I’ve been over here all day, and I’ll be here all day tomorrow. I met my friend for lunch, as I do every month. We’ve been friends since the summer after high school–roomed together some in college, dropped out of touch and got back in touch. I couldn’t go through a month without seeing Jane or, if the weather is too bad, talking to her on the phone. Even email will do, if it has to.

We ate at one of my favorite places, The Irish Rover Pub on Frankfort Avenue.Irish Rover Pub They feature–what else? Irish pub food, and very good it is, too. They have beer, lager, ale and stout; draft and bottled, local and imported. I had a small bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. It was smooth and mellow, with just a little bite (although I must say I’m easily bitten). Jane and I shared a Scotch Egg, which is a hard-boiled egg encased in sausage, dipped in a thin batter and deep-fried. Probably not good for you, but we don’t get them often. Here is a picture of my half.

It doesn’t look very nice, but it IS very nice. If we had been smart, we would have stopped there. But we weren’t smart. Or, rather, we WERE smart, because we had some excellent food after this. This was just an appetizer. Jane had fish and chips and I had what I always have here: bangers and mash. Bangers are the most delicious, creamy, perfectly spiced sausages you ever put in your mouth.

Mash is mashed potatoes and onions. I always ask for a small portion. They say, “All right,” and bring me a portion as big as my head. This is their idea of a small portion. There must be ten pounds of potatoes in there. Bear in mind that this is not a plate–it’s a BOWL! I did NOT eat all of it. I ate all the bangers, though. You can see Jane’s fish and chips in the background. It looked lovely. While we were there, Jane’s brother came over. He and some co-workers just happened to be having lunch there, too. For a big city, Louisville is a very small town. After we finished, they asked us if we were ready for dessert. We weren’t.

We eat at different places, but we almost always then to to the Java Brewing Company, a coffee house. There are several locations in Louisville, but the one we go to is just down the street from The Irish Rover.
Isn’t that a great sign? Here’s a picture of the front patio:
So we ordered coffee and I wanted a biscotti (yeah, I know I told the Irish Rover lady I didn’t want dessert, but biscotti is more like a condiment, right?). Anyway, they don’t carry biscotti any more. I guess I’ll have to bring my own next time. They do have free high-speed wireless, so I cranked up my ancient laptop and Jane showed me some jewelry she found online that she loves.
We both love jewelry. The difference is, she knows all about precious and semi-precious stones and I know nothing except what she tells me that doesn’t leak out my other ear.
Well, that’s enough for today. My daughter is about to get home from work, and we’re going to drink coffee and watch FARGO.
Oh–I almost forgot: Here’s a picture of the entrance of The Irish Rover. The entrance is on the side. The window on the near wall and the bicycle are painted on. I love this place!
Writing exercise: You go out to lunch with a friend and meet a friend of that friend. It changes the course of your life. This friend of a friend can turn out to be someone you also know or can be a stranger.