We had a great Labor Day. We went to my husband’s #1 sister’s, where all six siblings, their spouses (if any), kids (if any) and grandkids (if any) were (mostly) gathered. They–I should say “we”–get together about once a month, sometimes just the sibs and spouses, sometimes the whole crew. Today was a whole crew day.

Everybody brought something. I brought my sweet-and-sour pickles and a huge plate of fresh sliced tomatoes. Didn’t bring any of either home.

Two of our kids were missing, having to labor on labor day.

Hey, guess what I did? I actually cleaned up my office! Can’t believe it–you can see the desk and everything. I found a bunch of cool stuff when I cleaned up, including clippings for my Tiny House files and my Idea Book, a massive three-ring binder with pocket dividers stuffed with sorted story ideas. I need to go through that and see what I can cannibalize for any of my current projects.


Writing exercise: You go to a family Labor Day picnic and reconnect with a cousin you haven’t seen since you were both kids.