My husband and I went to one of those one-hour eyewear places and do not like the result. It ended up taking three or four hours and two trips, and now I have to go try to return the glasses for a refund.

They were having a buy one, get one free sale, which is why we went. My husband got his regular pair and sunglasses, and I got my regular pair and mid-range readers for working on the computer. When I took my computer glasses out of the case… one lens was missing. Not loose, non-existent. My mother said, “Are you sure they were free? Looks more like half off to me.” heh! But it doesn’t really matter, because the prescriptions are just wrong on mine–I can’t see the computer print with the new glasses, and… Oh, all the things that are wrong with all four pairs of glasses would take too long to write. So I’m going to try to get at least some of our money back. This was a false economy.


Writing exercise: You go to complain about something. What was wrong? What happens when you go? Does the clerk turn out to be somebody you know or used to know? And old crush? Somebody you were mean to in high school? Maybe you’re the clerk when a customer comes in to complain…how do you handle it? Is it the perfect revenge? Is it a way to repay a past kindness? Do you use it as a subtle form of blackmail to get something you want from the customer in a different capacity?

1:43 — Mom and I went to the one-hour eyewear place and I asked for a full refund. They gave it, no questions asked. Mom said, “They’re probably used to it.” So I’m wearing my old glasses, which are good enough for now.

Then we went to an Indian restaurant we’d never been to before. The staff were all very friendly and helpful and exactly attentive enough. The couple at the next table was (were?) also very friendly. We compared and critiqued what we had taken at the buffet and swapped parts of our life stories. Dan asked if we were saved, which we thought was very kind of him. We said yes, although who knows?

Tonight, Mom, Charlie and I are going to the Democratic Headquarters in our little town to consult, confer and otherwise hob-nob with our fellow Democrats. It’s my fond hope that we’ll walk somewhere and get some ice cream. Mmmmm….


Writing Exercise: You get into a conversation with the stranger or strangers at the next table in a restaurant, and your life takes an unexpected turn. Do they tell you something that solves a puzzle or makes something odd fall into place? Do they say something that inspires you, frightens you, changes your outlook or psychology? Something that gets you involved in an action you never contemplated? Is it the beginning of a beautiful friendship?