My youngest daughter, Sarai, a super writer, just called and said she’s about 2/3 of the way through with the book she started last September. Okay, now I’m jealous. But, you know, I’ll bet I would be further along on my own projects if I sat down and wrote. She sits down and writes. I’m like, well, okay, if you want to cheat….

Here it is Thursday, and I haven’t even started my Culinary Chronicles for next week. Staying up till all hours watching the convention and rehashing it with my husband is just not the way to stay on task. Then I’m sleepy all the next day. Any excuse.

I actually do have a good reason for not being any further on my mystery series project: I have to know the people and the place the series is set better. I got the idea, I made up people and setting, I wrote one short story and started a novel, and then I had to stop. The story needs to be a novel, too. I don’t yet have a clear enough idea about the main characters in the novel I’ve started–If I go on before I do, I’ll make a mess of things. That’s starting to gel, so I just have to keep working on that for a little longer. I’m wrestling with POV on the project, too. Do I make each one first-person, from a different person’s POV? Do I make them all third-person? If third, how deep do I go? Limited or omniscient? That’s starting to come clear, too. I know I must have written a bazillion words on SIDESHOW before I got the POV and characterization right, and then it just barreled along.

Writing exercise: Take a story or book you like, or a bit from a classic. If it’s written in first person (I), re-write it in third person (he/she). If it’s written in third person, re-write it in first person. Try it in limited third (only in one person’s head) and in omniscient (in everybody’s heads).

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