Here I am at the library, and I’m thinking about going home.

FOOL that I am, I volunteered to do a web site for my church. –I’m looking forward to it, which just shows how warped I am. I already have a fan site up for it, which is WAY out-dated, as is the official site, which is why we want a current one. ANYWAY, I dropped by church to confer with the interim pastor and the secretary, thinking they would be there today, and they weren’t. So I went on in (I haz a kee) and set up my laptop, figuring to use the church’s shiny new internet access. Requires a password, which in my case I have not got.

So I came to the library, thinking I could go park in the conference room, make coffee, heat up my sack lunch…. The conference room is reserved today.

Oh, well, I can set up WordPress on my server so I can use it for a pro site for my writing and merch…. and cPanel is not loading there today.

So now I’m thinking, FRACK! I’ll just go home.

If this is the worst thing that ever happens to me, I’ll be well off, yes?