My #3 daughter came over last night with her two sons, one 15 and one 3. We had breaded tilapia, fresh lima beans, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. The 15 loves raw cucumbers, but he said, “I only like you-all’s. The ones you get in the store taste like… they don’t have any taste.” The 3 likes the dill pickles I make with them.

The recipe for dill pickles, I got from the Mirro All-Purpose Cookbook, copyright 1954. After I met my husband, we learned that our families were close long ago, but lost touch and we never knew it until our courtship brought them together again. One of his sisters gave me the Mirro cookbook because it had been a gift to her from my late grandmother. How’s that for Fate, Providence, Co-incidence or What-Have You?

Here’s the recipe:

Dill Pickles

  1. Select cucumbers about 5 inches in length. Wash them well and cover with salted water. (1 cup salt to a gallon of water.) [note from me: use less salt if using Kosher salt]
  2. Pour boiling water over cucumbers while preparing the following:
            1/2 cup salt [see note above]
            2 cups vinegar
            3 quarts water
  3. Boil one minute.
  4. Drain cucumbers, pack into clean, hot jars. Place dill and a bud of garlic in bottom of each jar.
  5. Pour boiling hot mixture over cucumbers. Seal immediately.

Naturally, I don’t do it this way. In addition to lightening the salt load, I put the cucumbers to soak and boil the pickling liquid in the morning, letting the cucumbers soak and the liquid cool all day. Then I put the cucumbers into the jars and pour the COOL liquid over them, seal and refrigerate. They have to be kept in the refrigerator, but they’re crisp.

p.s. That goodness for spell-checkers. I have consistently spelled pickles pickels, and only automatic spell-checking has saved me from myself.

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