I was in the library again the other day, sitting at the coffee area table just inside the glass double doors with the USE OTHER ENTRANCE sign on it, greeting all the people who used that entrance. The library has to keep the door unlocked in case of emergency, and distracted people occasionally use it. Sometimes people poke their heads in to ask me questions, like, “Where’s the bank?” The bank sold the building to the library about ten years ago, so it looks like some people get out even less than I do.

Maybe I spend too much time in the library. Patrons ask me usage questions, under the impression that I’m staff.

I always see lots of people I know, though, in the library and passing by outside. I get a lot of personal and association business done that way–a few words to Leah saves a game of phone tag over a simple question about the Southern Indiana Writers’ ghost story anthology. Catching Bernie on the street gets a quick answer to a question about the Corydon Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) web site. I got to wave and say hi to lots of people I know, strengthening our network of acquaintance, which is one of the sweetest benefits to living in a small town.

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