Even though it’s August, the nights have been chilly and the days have been comfortable. I felt a craving for what’s usually a winter meal. I baked a small loaf of bread in the toaster oven, cut up some cabbage and got some Polish sausage out to thaw. Melted some butter in a skillet and put the cabbage in there with some salt and pepper and just a smidgen of sugar. When it was good and hot, I put the sausage in, turned down the heat, and covered the pan. My husband came in from the garden with some ripe tomatoes and green peppers, so a small pepper got itself cut up and added to the cabbage, and two tomatoes got themselves sliced–thin for him and thick for me.

I picked some parsley and cut it up into some boiling water and cooked some flat noodles. Bed of noodles, sliced cooked green peppers on one side, Polish sausage on the other side, cabbage piled on top, hot fresh bread and sliced fresh tomatoes on the side. Mmmmmmm!

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