I’ve been getting ready for World on the Square today. World on the Square happens in Corydon, Indiana on the second Saturday of August every year, from 4-8. Corydon is just a little town, what you call your semi-rural community, but every year there’s this family festival with booths featuring different countries. The booths have information and artifacts, pictures, sometimes stuff for sale. There are musical acts from different backgrounds, like a bagpiper and belly dancers (not at the same time, although that would be interesting….). There’s a free tasting buffet of food from different countries, from cabbage and sausage to Thai satay. And it’s all free, which is a price I like a lot.

So I’m volunteering in the food tasting venue, which is definitely fox-in-the-henhouse. I made English shortbread, since I’m part English.

My friend T gave me her shortbread recipe:

a whole pound of butter!!
1 ¼ C powdered sugar
4 C flour
1 t double-acting baking powder
¼ t salt
(Optional: 1/2 cup ground nuts)
Preheat oven to 325
Place all ingredients into a large bowl and cut together thoroughly. If necessary, finish mixing with hands. The dough will be soft.
Roll dough into 1 1/2″ balls. Place on ungreased sheet and flatten with a cookie stamp. Baking time is approximately 20 minutes.

It is WAY good! Makes about SEVEN DOZEN cookies.

I also made some lemon basil cookies for another thing on Sunday, but that’s another posting. Now I have to go sit under the fan and read. Ah’m tahrd.