I’m in my favorite place–the library coffee bar. “Coffee bar” is a little bit of an overstatement: it’s a table on the uncarpeted part of the floor with a thermos of coffee on the counter nearby. But the coffee is free, and there’s a place to plug in one’s laptop.

It’s right in front of the double emergency doors, so I have a great view of the corner. There goes Butchie Stilger with his guitar, coming from Cafe on the Square, the town’s new coffee shop. He plays classical guitar there sometimes on Friday or Saturday evening. He used to own Pythias Gallery coffee shop, which burned down a few years ago. I’ve written a story about that for the Southern Indiana Writers’ ghost story anthology, Spirits (or Ghosts–we haven’t decided) On The Square–And Elsewhere, due out in October. A friend of Butchie’s (and of my youngest daughter’s), Tom Schickel, died in the fire, and I was a little wary of writing about it, but my daughter and Butchie read the story and approved it.

I love sitting here, watching the cars and people while I work. One of the great things about living in a small town or identifying with a neighborhood in a big city is the feeling of interconnectedness.

Oh, there’s a truck full of chickens going to the Tyson’s plant. It reminds me of the time one of the cages came open and a chicken fell out in front of the library. Our oldest daughter caught it and took it to our #2 daughter, who had just moved with her husband to a house with lots of land just outside of town. Our #2 daughter, her husband and my husband built a deluxe chicken coop for the hen, who was named Libby in honor of the library, and three other hens were rescued from another bad situation to keep her company. They didn’t live long, but they lived happy.

My mother is at the dentist, and will walk the block to the library to meet me. If we lived in town instead of out in the country, we wouldn’t even need a car. I love that, too. I love our place in the country too much to pine for life in town, though, except when it snows and we can’t get out of our 1000-foot driveway!