I’m in the process of switching my web site over to this blog site, on the advice of my guru, Leslea Harmon. She’s a beautiful and tough young woman, sharp as a tack, a little abrasive at times, though she doesn’t mean to be. Too many times, people who know what they’re doing and are efficient about doing it and explaining it–too many times, such people come across as abrupt and brusque to those of us who are sort of wandering around with our thumbs in our ears. I’ve learned to listen to what she’s telling me, not to the whining of my bruised ego. She’s a peach! Thanks for everything, Leslea!

Leslea is a Derby City Roller Girl, a skater in the revived amateur Roller Derby. I told her I have an aunt who borrowed a cousin’s skates and ran off with them to join the old professional Roller Derby. I wish I knew her skating name. She was a Turner from Louisville.

Speaking of peaches, the local peaches are in and MAN are they good! You have to eat them over the sink, they’re so juicy. For a great dessert (if excellent peaches aren’t good enough for you), all you have to do is peel and pit them and cut them into slices in a bowl, heat them up just a tad, and top them with good vanilla ice cream. I bought some EXCELLENT dessert wine last week: Turtle Run Winery’s Vignoles 2007 (a late harvest wine–naturally sweet), and I’m considering cutting up a peach into a glass of that. I’ll have to sit down to eat/drink it, because I might very well swoon.