I am so darned lazy, it’s pitiful. I haven’t been entirely indolent, though–I’ve been working on a ghost story for the Southern Indiana Writers’ anthology we’re doing for Corydon’s 200th birthday. It’s called SPIRITS ON THE SQUARE–AND ELSEWHERE, and features ghost stories set at local landmarks around the town square and, as the name implies, other places in town and in Harrison County (Indiana). It’s been very hard to write this story, because it’s written around a fire that only happened in 2000, in which a friend of my youngest daughter died. She tells me her understanding of the man would be that he would like having a story written about him, but it’s very hard. It’s one of those stories I feel called to write, though. I don’t have many of them, but this is one.

The weather has been weird around here. It’s been cooler than usual and wetter than usual. It’s been like an English spring. Not even terribly humid, most days. The flowers have been spectacular.

This is growing up my mother’s porch. It’s been like living in an arboretum! We’re starting to get cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden, and the herbs are delivering like crazy. I’ll be processing pesto for the winter before I know it!