I had a great time last week, on what I hope will be the first of many Sequential Writer Conventions. I had several fellow writers I wanted to visit with in a nearby town, but we each wanted to visit by twos or threes, or couldn’t get our schedules together. Rather than spend a billion bucks in gas making multiple trips, I scheduled myself around everybody else’s doings and made a two-day loop. Went Wednesday and met with friend A, then spent the night with my daughter (also a writer). The next day, my daughter and I met with writer B, then daughter and I and her husband (ALSO a writer) visited for a while, then I met writer C for coffee and came home. It took very little more gas than it would have taken to drive to my daughter’s and back. Cool!

Saturday, most of the Southern Indiana Writers Group carpooled to Nashville, Indiana, to have our pictures taken at Yesteryear Tintypes. Our 2008 anthology is called MOST WANTED, about crimes and desires, and we had our pictures taken looking like a bunch of wild west hard types. What a blast!

There’s nothing like spending time with fellow enthusiasts, no matter what your enthusiasm might happen to be. It’s even headier when your enthusiasm is as solitary an enterprise as writing is. Sometimes you just really need to get with other writers and talk story or exchange challenges and triumphs or give and get pointers. Even a short visit can be refreshing and recharging.