Memorial Day is coming up, and it’s our turn to host The Big Family. My husband’s brothers and sisters and their kids and THEIR kids and in-laws and Significant Others get together just about every month. Well, the brothers and sisters and in-laws get together every month, but about half the time it’s only us old folks and the rest of the time it’s The Big Family. The Brothers And Sisters take turns hosting and our number is up.

The host always makes bean soup and cornbread, and we always also have sliced ham and party buns and storebought fried chicken. Everybody brings something, usually the same thing every time. Marilyn brings green beans, Connie brings seven-layer salad, Barbara brings broccoli casserole, Terri brings That Eclaire Thing. With six in the first generation, we sometimes end up with over thirty people, especially if friends come along. It’s supposed to be pretty this year, so some people can sit outside. The pictures I have in my Flikr sidebar are mostly of our yard (not the bench and the weeping cherry–that’s in back of the library in Corydon, Indiana), so it’s plain we have plenty of room, if folks can go on the porch. It gets pretty squinchy if we all have to stay indoors.

Mrs. Allen, my husband’s late mother, always held open house on Sundays, and everybody was afraid they’d drift apart when she passed on, but they’ve kept up the monthly get-togethers. She would be so proud to know they’ve stayed so close.

On the Extreme Makeover–My House Edition front, the kitchen is just about done. Charlie repainted the cabinets a soft sage and we’ve ordered handles for the cabinet drawers. I found some shaped like grape leaves with pull rings on them, and Charlie liked them in brushed black, so that’s what we ordered. We got valences in green and off-white stripes and it really dresses the room up. We thought it might clash with the stripes on the wallpaper, but they complement each other. Same thing in the front room. We got (jackard?) curtains in blue-green and burgundy paisley on off-white, and I was worried (well, not WORRIED–there are real things to WORRY about) that the pattern would grate with the floral couch and the geometric rockers, but they colors all pick each other up and the patterns all cozy up to each other.

Why am I writing about this? Who cares about this? <sigh> Blogging is weird. This is like writing one of those generic holiday newsletters to send out to a bazillion people you never contact personally. What a boring blog!