Not actual CONSTRUCTION this time.  My husband is re-doing the kitchen, so I’ve had ladders, buckets of drywall finishing mud and miles of plastic dropcloths all over the kitchen this week.  He took down the ceiling fan/light and the two other light fixtures and replaced all three with fluorescent disks that look like they came off a space ship.  Cool!  The kitchen was yellow with white trim and now it’s a soft green with a shade darker green trim.  The cabinets are looking scruffy, so he’s going to paint them the trim color and our #1 daughter is going to paint ivy leaves on them.

I am dancing all around in delight, but cooking has been a challenge.

I’ve dodged it as much as possible by just doing cereal and soup, leftovers and carry-in–ha!  Those pre-cooked rotisserie chickens they have at the grocery store are SUPER!  I take the meat off the bone as soon as I get the carcass home and put the bones and icky stuff aside to boil for soup.  I put the meat in a container to pull out for sandwiches.  This week, it’s been great to have the cooked chicken because I’ve gotten by a couple of days with chicken salads.

My husband’s late mother used to make a delicious chicken salad with cubed cooked chicken, celery, onion, mayonnaise, halved grapes and chopped pecans.  We had that a couple of meals, and enjoyed both the food and the memories of a dear lady.