I just read somebody else’s blog
so I had to be all monkey-see/monkey-do and post to my own.

I’m all full of myself because I bought the 2008 Linux Power-Pack and installed it myself. Well, sort of myself–I had a couple of other more experienced Linux users to call on for help. But MOSTLY I did it myself. Honest. So now I feel like a steely-eyed missile man, deserving of the Pocket Protector of Honor.

We’re finally thawing out from under our latest onslaught of freezing rain. My mother’s biggest holly bush bit the dust, snapped at the trunk under the weight of the ice on its leaves. It’s already sprouting out from the stump, though, so she may have her bush back by next winter. A tree went over, leaning at a 45 degree angle across the driveway, so that was exciting, but my husband cut it down. There goes my last cheap thrill.