One of the best foods ever invented is chicken and dumplings.  We had some last night.  Cooked down some chicken bones and gave the scraps to the happy happy dog, then mixed up about a cup of all-purpose flour, an egg and some milk, rolled it out, cut it into squares and put the squares into the boiling broth.  Personally, I prefer fluffy dumplings, but I like the little noodle-like ones, too, like the ones I made last night.  My husband’s family calls them “slicks”.  They’re good with dried sage crumpled up in the dough, too, but I cooked fresh sage, onions and garlic into the broth.  We had some left-overs but, when I got home from visiting my mother, our #3 daughter had stopped by and eaten all the slicks and most of the broth.  Ah, well–I’ll just add some more chicken, some veggies and some thickened boullion and made a chicken pot pie.  Happiness reigns!

No, I haven’t even started my Chronicles for next week….